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hanafimasail.com – Information on Terms of Use

        www.hanafimasail.com is owned by admin of www.hanafimasail.com. This website is specially meant for questions pertaining to admins of www.hanafimasail.com. Fatwa means a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a Mufti (recognized authority to interpret or expound Shariah -Islamic Jurisprudence, stretching from Beliefs and Prayers to Social Affairs, Transactions and Dealings). Fatwas are just advice/guidance (from Islamic Shariah) and constitute no legal binding.
TERMS & CONDITIONS       This site is for educational use, and you agree to use this site for lawful purposes only. This site has been built to guide Muslims in their day-to-day affairs and to solve their problems in accordance with Islamic Shariah. You are allowed to access the website, so long as this does not breach the terms mentioned hereunder.

       No fatwa or data of the website may be modified, reproduced, distributed or published without prior written permission. Modifying the data from the website or merging it with any other data is prohibited. Redistributing or reporting by the press or media or through any commercial network is strictly banned. Using the data for any purpose that is likely to bring us into disrepute or embarrassment or to cause annoyance and inconvenience is utterly disallowed.

      Generally, the questions asked herein have personal touch; accordingly the answers are given as per the tone and nature of the questions. Sometimes, the questions are short so the answers given also are to-the-point and do not include related details. Therefore, one should explore fatwas of related topic then should reach a conclusion. Similarly, answer to a same question may differ sometime as per the personal details and circumstances of country of the questioner concerned. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to go through other related fatwas to get a clear idea of the matter.

      If there is something objectionable, ambiguous or offensive, we would directly be contacted in order to clear the doubt. It should be avoided to propagate the misconception without giving us a chance for clarification and justification.

MODIFICATION & REVISION     We reserves the right to change, amend or update these conditions at any time without any prior notice. By your continual use of the website you agree to be bound by the latest version of the conditions. Therefore you should periodically visit this page to determine the current Terms of Use to which you are bound.

APPLICABLE LAW     These terms are governed by and are in accordance with the laws of India. However, by accessing the website you agree to abide by and submit to the laws and jurisdiction of India.

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